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Technical SEO & Improved Performance

Why Choose Our Technical SEO Services?

Holistic Optimization Approach

We address all aspects of Technical SEO, from performance to security, ensuring your site meets the highest standards.

Proven Techniques

Our strategies are backed by the latest industry standards and proven methods to improve your site’s technical health.

Comprehensive Analysis

We conduct thorough audits to identify and resolve all technical issues, helping you achieve optimal performance and higher rankings.

Continuous Monitoring

We offer ongoing monitoring and adjustments to keep your site in top shape as algorithms and best practices evolve.

Technical SEO Checklist

  • Verify HTTPS Implementation
  • Ensure a Single WWW or Non-WWW Version
  • Resolve Mixed Content Issues
  • Create & Submit an XML Sitemap to Google Search Console
  • Create and Optimize a robots.txt File
  • Use Canonical Tags to Consolidate Duplicate URLs
  • Identify and Fix Broken Links
  • Resolve Redirect Chains
  • Correct Missing or Duplicate Meta Titles & Descriptions
  • Use Redirects Correctly
  • Check for Index Coverage Issues
  • Look for Manual Penalties in Search Console
  • Keep Pages Within Three Clicks of the Homepage
  • Use “noindex” and “nofollow” Tags Appropriately
  • Prevent Indexing of Irrelevant Pages (noindex)
  • Additional Advanced Strategies Not Published

SEO Performance Checklist

  • Google PageSpeed Insights/Core Web Vitals
  • Choose a High-Performance Web Hosting Provider
  • Verify Server Location/Use CDN
  • Ensure Gzip Compression is Enabled
  • Use HTTP/2 for Improved Speed
  • Implement a Caching Solution
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS Files
  • Resize Large Images Upon Upload
  • Compress and Optimize Images
  • Enable Lazy Loading for Images and Iframes
  • Keep Technology Up-to-Date (Plugins, Themes, Software)
  • Optimize Your Database
  • Additional Advanced Strategies Not Published

Get Started with Technical SEO Today

Optimize your website’s performance and search engine ranking with our expert Technical SEO services. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you enhance your site’s technical aspects and boost your SEO. Let’s create a plan that enhances your search visibility and supports long-term business growth.